European Output
October 1999, 21th
THE Event ! Hotel Noir
Parentg Bruno Lachard
Here are Ozanam and B.Lachard
signing the first sold albums..
Don't they seem VERY attentive
to what they are doin' !?
Shot in Lille (France) on the 16 th of October.

To match with the output of "Hôtel Noir", meetings with the authors were scheduled.

The dates:
October 16 th - Lille (Avant-Première)
Librairie Folle Image, rue de la clef
October 23 rd - Paris 13
Librairie Flammarion, 30 avenue d'Italie (Sign + Exposition)
November 19 th - Brussell
Librairie Brusel, "Bourse" station

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